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How to buy high-quality vertical and horizontal scissors.

Whether it is a company or a user, when buying a large-scale equipment, it is sure to be very interested in the price. As one of the indispensable equipment in the industrial industry, the price of slitting and cross-cutting is actually relatively expensive, so users buy I was more cautious when I did. Actually, the price of the device is related to many factors. Experienced users have made a simple analysis for everyone from several aspects. Through the following analysis, you will learn more.

First of all, the brand will determine the price. Now there are many brands of the equipment, whether it is imported or domestically produced, which are highly valued by users. When choosing, if the brand is more well-known, the price will definitely be more expensive. Small businesses are still willing to choose ordinary brands, so that not only the price is cheap, but the equipment functions of ordinary brands are also sufficient.

Function and performance also affect the price of slitting and cross-cutting. The functions and performance of the current equipment are different, and compared with the traditional equipment has improved a lot, so when the user chooses, he will definitely combine his actual needs. As for whether the more functions, the better, this is not necessarily the case. If a small business buys a device with too many functions, most of the functions are not used, but it is a waste.

The place of production will affect the price. Now, in addition to domestically produced equipment, many imported equipment have gradually entered the Chinese market, and they have been highly praised by users. Most of the imported equipment will be more expensive. After all, they will definitely pay a portion before entering the Chinese market. Taxes and fees, so the price will be more expensive overall. Most users will rely more on imported equipment, mainly because they believe that imported equipment uses better technology. In fact, the domestic research and development technology has also made great progress, and even some manufacturers have much better technology than imported equipment. Users can compare equipment from two different origins and see a clear difference.

The price of slitting and cross-cutting is related to many factors. Users must choose a regular manufacturer when buying, so as to avoid being deceived. The Jinggong manufacturers recommended by users for everyone provide high-quality equipment and good after-sales service. They can help users solve various problems during the entire purchase process and have a better experience.

The working rolls of the leveling machine that has been producing automobile sheets and galvanized oil sheets for a long time have been removed. Since most processing plants do not have professional equipment personnel, the disassembly of the leveling machine is a difficult problem, and they usually dare not disassemble easily. This phenomenon will occur after long-term accumulation.

For this situation, it is necessary to clean up in time and regularly disassemble and overhaul. In addition, there is a key problem. In the process of cleaning the work roll of the leveler, you must check the used corner cloth. Never leave the corner cloth in the leveler and work. The surface hardness of the roller is very high. Do not shoot hard steel plates. If the corner cloth is left in the leveling roller, the corner cloth will rub against the roller and generate heat after the operation starts, which will wear the surface of the work roll, as shown in the figure below. , It will produce embossing on the surface of the steel plate.

In addition, the selection of the material and heat treatment of the work roll is also very important. If the selected material and hardness are not appropriate, similar problems will occur soon due to wear.

The cleaning of the leveler can be carried out in real time according to the following points:

1. Clean up the sludge in the leveler in time.

2. Use appropriate materials when cleaning and sweeping the leveler, count before use, and count after use. Don’t let a quick corner cloth fall into the leveler. If you can’t take it out, contact the equipment personnel in time and do not force it.

3. Before production, pay attention to check the leveler and clean it up in time if there is debris.

4. Check the air pressure of all pinch rollers and uncoilers before production, and use appropriate air pressure according to different products.

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