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  • How to buy high-quality vertical and horizontal scissors.

    Whether it is a company or a user, when buying a large-scale equipment, it is sure to be very interested in the price. As one of the indispensable equipment in the industrial industry, the price of slitting and cross-cutting is actually relatively expensive, so users buy I was more cautious when ...
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  • Development and application of new technology for cold forming

    1. Finite element analysis and computer simulation Computer simulation and finite element analysis of cold forming are hotspots of theoretical research, and many papers and research results have been published at home and abroad. How to carry out computer simulation for actual production problems...
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  • Application of AC Servo System in Cold Roll Forming Line of Shelf

    1 Introduction 1.1 Introduce the pre-punching process and hydraulic stop shearing technology into the cold-formed production line of the shelf column, which not only expands the design range and manufacturing accuracy of the sectional shape of the shelf column, but also meets the requirements of ...
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