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Hydraulic flanging machine

Short Description:

The flanging forming process equipment is a flanging machine. Using a flanging machine, thick-walled metal cylinders including refractory metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, etc. are subjected to strong spinning to form thin-walled tubes of various sizes or forming spinning and processing into special-shaped hollow rotating parts. Spinning is to clamp the blank on the core, and the flanging machine drives the core and the blank together to rotate at a high speed. At the same time, through the rolling and feeding movement, the blank is locally deformed, and finally an axisymmetric part is obtained.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Also we support customized according to your sample or drawing.

Equipment function

Used for front and back flanging of door panel

Production process

Feeding → positioning → flanging → blanking

Technical parameter

Model NCM-110
Thickness of flanging material  (0.6-0.8) mm
Application range (4-9) cm
Working efficiency 8-10m / min
Main engine power 4kw
Main use standard door and non-standard door upper and lower heads

This product is a customized product, according to customer requirements processing and production, equipment color according to customer requirements.

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Support for mold processing and sample customization, the company has configured corresponding production and management departments, followed by high-precision, large-scale molding machinery production lines,

Professional production, traditional quality
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