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Color coated frame machine assembly line equipment

Short Description:

Professional color coating production line, color coating production line equipment, aluminum coil roll coating production line, household appliance plate production line, and supporting equipment, paint and powder coating equipment production line, drying and curing equipment, pre-treatment production line equipment and other series of manufacturers; have strong Technical strength, with a group of industry elites in machinery, electronics, electrical automation, etc., as well as a production base and a complete set of sophisticated production equipment, which create good conditions for ensuring product quality and new product development.

Product Detail

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Also we support customized according to your sample or drawing.

This equipment adopts roller material: GCr15 forged bearing steel, vacuum quenching, secondary finishing and polishing; Hardness can reach hrc58-60, hard chromium plating
Host structure: wallboard type, frame adopts square tube welding structure;
The main transmission is bevel gear transmission, and the transmission between each group of rollers is bevel gear transmission
Rolling speed: ≤ 0-10m / min

Equipment function

Used for stretch forming of security door / fire door frame, Or the drawing forming of fireproof window and color plate.

Production process

Discharging frame → flattening machine → hydraulic punching → guide feeding → forming machine → straightening mechanism → multi punch angle cutting → discharging frame

Optional configuration

PLC: Japan Panasonic high performance position controller (optional)
Touch screen: vinylon (optional)
Servo shear: Mitsubishi digital system (optional)
Electric appliance: Delixi (optional)

Technical parameter

Model NCM-680
Feed plate thickness  (1.2-1.5) mm
Production speed (0-6) m / min
Main purpose: Anti theft door and fireproof door frame
Transmission structure  Separate gearbox or bevel gear

* Features

1. Advanced continuous roller coating technology, two coating and two drying on the front and back, mature and reliable technology, widely used in metal structure workshops, municipal public services and high-end civil buildings.

2. Adopting advanced environmentally friendly chemical conversion treatment liquid, equipped with high-precision chemical coating machine, uniform film formation and coating, ensuring the performance and quality of the coating. The process has the obvious characteristics of high utilization rate of chemical forming agent, no pollution, and good adhesion of chemical forming film.


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