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45 degree angle cutting machine

Short Description:

Angle cutting machine, suitable for cutting and beveling wood strips, furniture, aluminum profiles and door frames, and can design polygonal fancy patterns and patterns according to the calculated angle. It can make the movable worktable work very smoothly during the cutting process. The biggest feature of this product is that it is equipped with an alloy saw blade, which is 45 degrees in contact with the frame. When it comes in contact with the cut of the newly cut frame, it will not scratch the cut of the frame. On the contrary, it is easy to scratch the incision, causing the incision to be not smooth and the corners are not sealed.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Also we support customized according to your sample or drawing.

This equipment adopts roller material: GCr15 forged bearing steel, vacuum quenching, secondary finishing and polishing; Hardness can reach hrc58-60, hard chromium plating
Host structure: wallboard type, frame adopts square tube welding structure;
The main transmission is bevel gear transmission, and the transmission between each group of rollers is bevel gear transmission
Rolling speed: ≤ 0-10m / min

Equipment function

Used for stretch forming of security door / fire door frame
Or the drawing forming of fireproof window and color plate.

Production process

Discharging frame → guide feeding → forming machine → straightening mechanism → hydraulic cutting → discharging frame

Technical parameter

Model  NCM-45°
Main power  5.5kw
Main purpose  Hydraulic punching shear with 45 ° angle for door frame
Overall size  1950 * 1100 * 1700mm

This product is a customized product, according to customer requirements processing and production, equipment color according to customer requirements.

Product advantages

1. Triangle gantry
The 45-degree swing arm double-head saw adopts a thickened triangular gantry structure, and the extended swing arm makes the cutting size wider, the sawing speed is faster, and the positioning is firm and stable, and it is not easy to move.

2. Precision silencing cutting
Imported high-end substrate saw blade + self-developed cutting technology greatly reduces the noise in the cutting process, and the cutting effect is free of burrs and edge chipping.

3. Electroplating horizontal positioning plate
We take the quality of the craftsmanship as the criterion, and others reduce the cost. We will not deal with it carelessly. Every process we make is strictly required, strive for perfection, continuous improvement, and strive for better.

4. Anti-scratch pressure material
he use of polyurethane pressure material block is safe and scratch-proof, flexible and elastic, not easy to deform the material, and will not damage the surface of the material.

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